Massachusetts Never Supports Arrogant Athletes

We all know Massachusetts natives would never support an A-Rod or a Kobe Bryant.  These players come off to them as ‘arrogant’ and Massachusetts likes humble, reserve athletes such as Larry Bird and Tom Brady.  So you could only imagine the uproar from Red Sox fans when this conversation took place between a catcher and a 2nd basemen at the plate after the 9th pitch of an at bat:

Catcher: ‘Man, I don’t know what to throw you to get you out.
2nd Basemen: ‘Don’t worry, neither does the rest of the league.

Obviously, Massachusetts would never like such a player.   That player: Dustin Pedroia.

Homer Fans.


About homerball

An actual Boston resident (unlike most writers of Boston's sports teams).
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4 Responses to Massachusetts Never Supports Arrogant Athletes

  1. Steve says:

    Red Sox traded for Alex Rodriguez only to have the deal voided by the MLB Players Union. So yes, they would have supported him. Just like they supported Manny all these years. Brady and Bird are very arrogant. Bird was a big time trash talker and so is Brady. So please, Mass natives would support them if they were winners.

  2. homerball says:


    Most homer fans don’t know that about Bird and Brady. They think they are humble athletes. Also, how many times since the MLB players union rejected A-Rod’s deal have you heard ‘I hate A-Rod. I’m glad the Sox didn’t get him.’?

  3. CurtisHips says:


  4. CurtisHips says:


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