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Red Sox Fans’ Obsession With Payroll

If I had a nickel for every time a Boston Red Sox fan said “The Yankees buy their championships” I could almost afford a ticket to Fenway.  Let’s take a deeper look at Red Sox Nation’s ‘payroll’ argument. Many Boston … Continue reading

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Rondo is a cheater but gets a free pass from the Boston media

During the Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics game yesterday Rajon Rondo creeps up to the Miami Heat huddle during a stoppage of play. Of course the Boston Globe, local television outlets and Celtics fans sold this as Rondo being ‘creative’ … Continue reading

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Boston wishes it was Milwaukee

In true “Ray Borque” fashion Boston is riding the coat tails of another city’s success. 1,920 of Ray Allen’s 3 pointers came in while he was playing the Seattle Sonics and Milwaukee Bucks. That is approximately 75%. It’s a shame … Continue reading

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Pettite Retires, Boston Obsesses

We all know how obsessed Boston sports fans are with the Yankees, Lakers and Canadiens. One would think that after 2004 the obsession would go away but apparently not. Today Andy Pettite announced his retirement and The Boston Globe’s website … Continue reading

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